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Our experience is truly the difference that sets us apart.

"Darren O'Brien of Encore Audio is one of the best live sound engineers I've ever worked with. On the few shows we worked together in 2016 and 2017 he was there earlier than on time, fully set up and complied easily with everything we might have needed. He also went above and beyond to make shows unforgettable for both us and the audience. He has a perfect ear and feel for all different styles of music and really had us sounding perfect. Not to mention monitors, lights, video displays and last minute changes were perfectly worked out with no troubles at all. Not to mention he's a great guy and a great hang!"

Award winning singer-songwriter, Matt Cusson




I’ve been lucky in my life – I’ve had many decades of making music in all sorts of different venues. I want to say that Darren O’Brien and Encore Audio represent the highest level of what the creation of good audio can do. 

I say “good” audio but what I really mean is “great” audio! This is the first time I can remember when a sound engineer brought in several mics to try so that the best sound possible could be obtained. We both selected one that is probably the best one I’ve ever sung into. It made my voice, which can be difficult to amplify, sound better than it has ever sounded in my memory. One day, when I become Tony Bennett, I’m going to fly him around the world with me – until that time I’m just going to go out and buy this magical mic and thank God for Darren O’Brien and Encore Audio every time I use it. 


Steve Ross, cabaret performer







"Darren did a fantastic job, super professional and a pleasure to work with. Our stage sound was smooth like butter!"

Ryan Snow, trombonist for Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds

"Darren is the consummate professional sound engineer! A man who can pull a great sound together quickly and is a pleasure to work with. He cares that you sound great and feel comfortable on stage."

Mia Dyson


"Darren, you were a breath of fresh air during a week of marginal sound in the other venues I visited this month, thanks so very much!"

Eliza Gilkyson, Folk Musician


"I've known Darren, as one singer to another, for most of my musical career, but I really didn't have a clue as to what great knowledge and gear the cat brought to the table until we hired him for a production at a recent local show. The p.a. was just right, the mix was SPOT-ON, and the crowd loved the sound (and rates were def. within reason!)... We couldn't have been happier. I would certainly use him again, and I wish him continued success. Love ya, brudda!"


Believer, The Ultimate Ozzy Show

"Darren recently ran my band's sound for an outdoor festival in Pittsfield, MA. Right from the start he surprised and impressed me and the rest of the band. Setting up, which is so often stressful, was relaxed and comfortable. He worked with each musician's needs and requests and did so with an enthusiasm and surety that helped the band feel relaxed and confident. Our soundcheck was exhilarating... we sounded great right from the start. Darren took time to make sure both singers were happy with their monitor mix, and checked the sound of the whole band from various spots in the audience. During our first few songs, he was constantly walking, checking, and adjusting, making sure we sounded as good as he could make us sound. On stage, we may never have sounded better. Fans of ours told us later that we sounded incredible. Darren, thanks. Your knowledge and professionalism was deeply appreciated, but your energy and enthusiasm made you stand out from many in your role."

John Clarke, Vocals & Guitar
Bell Engine


"Working with Darren and Encore Audio was a pleasure. These guys were professional and courteous and showed up with top-notch gear. Darren was flexible to the band's requests and often knew to tweak things before we even said anything!"

George Hage
Jack the Radio


"Darren, the pleasure was ours to have you as our sound guy at The Colonial. Paying attention to every detail is so important, and here we were switching players and singers in and out, can’t be easy! My wife, Susy, who is a music critic extraordinaire, said the sound in the theater was stunning. Made us sound amazing! Thank you so much, that only helps us. And I expect we will need your expertise in the future, I am counting on it!"

John Barrett, Bassist

The Spurs USA

"Darren, you provide AWESOME sound!! When you ran sound for Black Tooth Grin, I was blown away. Keep rockin' man!!"

Leon Ozug, Guitarist

Black Tooth Grin

"Working with Darren and Encore Audio is always a pleasure, he provides top-quality sound and top quality service. One of the most important tasks of a sound man is to stay by the board, much too often that gets forgotten, it is really nice to work with someone who doesn't just set it and forget it, Darren and Encore Audio are always paying attention to what's happening on stage, staying by the board to make sure you're getting the most out of your performance!"

Ricky Marshall, Guitarist,

The Southern Comfort Band


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