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Our experience is truly the difference that sets us apart.

"A few things about Darren from Encore Audio. He is ultra-professional and organized as well as an absolute pleasure to work with on a human level. On a technical level what he is able to achieve sonically with human speech is stunning. We have many occasions when we need voice amplification for lectures, panel discussions, and weddings where the acoustical realities of the event spaces are particularly challenging. Through a combination of accumulated field experience and high quality components Darren is able to produce incredibly natural, non-directional amplification in a remarkably unobtrusive manner. The result is essentially that our guests have a very low awareness of the source sound being enhanced artificially. In every instance we want them to be focused on content and not whether or how clearly they can hear that content".

Ross Jolly, Director of Facilities and Special Events
The Mount, Lenox, MA

"We hired Darren to provide audio equipment and services for our 25th Anniversary Party at Kimball Farms Retirement Community. He met with us to discuss the best options and relieved any concerns we had regarding technical issues. He arrived and set up promptly, provided a sound check with guest speakers to be sure the quality was up to our expectations. Our guest speakers and residents were extremely pleased with the clarity and projection of the sound. Darren’s expertise was reassuring to us and greatly appreciated."


Michelle Rosier, Director of Residential Service

Kimball Farms Lifecare Retirement Community


We would be happy to discuss your event needs and details.

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