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Stonover Farm Lighting & Sound Offerings


The six separate items listed below are part of Encore Audio Event Services First Tier Lighting & Sound Package for Stonover Farm.


This package has been crafted over the years after understanding what is required so that every wedding will be a memorable, intimate, and safe setting for their clients and all of their guests.

Their First Tier Package Consists of the following items:

1 - Front of Gallery Lighting

We install our clear glass Bistro bulbs
hung from the front of the Stone Gallery
and our temporary poles. This area is
often used for couple photographs as
well as a gathering space for guests
throughout the evening.


2 - Walkway Lighting 

We install our Bistro string lighting from short
black iron Shepherd's hooks that line the
walkways from the edge of the barn deck
to the beginning of the restroom area,
and also for the walkway that starts at the
back deck of the Barn down the stone steps to
the back entrance of the Stone Gallery.
Our installation also highlights the barn deck
which is often used as another gathering space
throughout the evening.


3 - Interior Bistro String Lighting

We install our lighting with
2” round clear glass bulbs spaced every
1’ on black cable hung from the many
interior beams throughout the barn.
We are able to install our string lighting
as high as 20’+. The string lighting is
hung to illuminate the architecture of
the barn while adding a warm glow to
all areas within the interior of the barn. 
With well over 350+ bulbs hung you
can be sure that the barn will be bright enough for the dinner portion of your night,
and with our high-wattage dimmers, we'll be able to dim all of the lights to best match the
atmosphere of the rest of your evening.
Note: The centerpiece and its florals shown are not included in this package.


4 - Hanging Edison Bulb Planter Fixture

Our custom-designed natural wood-hanging
Edison bulb lighting fixture is perfect for
illuminating your bar area with rustic charm.
All of the Edison bulbs are different in size and
shape and can be brightened or dimmed to your
liking. Your florist can easily install a floral
arrangement inside the top of the lighting fixture
to add a bit more elegance and atmosphere.


5 - Magnetic Battery Operated Pin-Spots

We will supply you with ten of our Magnetic
Battery Powered Pin-Spots. We use these pin-spots
to illuminate centerpieces, your bar, cake table, and
other areas where we feel additional lighting is needed.


6 - Ceremony Sound Services.

In our opinion, your ceremony is the most
important part of your day, and every
single one of your guests should be able to
hear your ceremony vows and music clearly,
and naturally.
With many years of experience mixing live
theater productions, we orchestrate every
wedding ceremony with the meticulous 
planning and coordination of a live theater
We use just one slim-line microphone to amplify
the couple as well as the officiant. With no
bulky wireless microphone transmitter clipped
onto your clothing or handheld microphones to
hold and hand off to each other, you will be the focal
point of the ceremony, not the microphones! We can
also hang the microphone capsule from the front of
a chuppah making it almost impossible to see,
as seen in the photo. to the right.
We also use professional-grade digital mixing
consoles, and theater-quality speakers that result in a very natural-sounding ceremony that will allow all of your guests from the front rows to the very back rows to hear every single word of your special vows. We operate our mixing consoles with wireless remotes, keeping unsightly wires, equipment, and staff out of the view of your guests- letting you and your ceremony be the focus of attention.
We can play any prerecorded music through the ceremony system, as well as any musicians that you may hire to perform for your ceremony. Your musicians will not have to bring any of their own microphones or speakers which helps keep the ceremony area clean of extra equipment. We will contact them well in advance to be sure that we'll have everything that they will need for their performance. You'll be in good hands with one of our experienced Sound Technicians to operate this sound system for the duration of your ceremony. 
Our First Tier Lighting & Sound Package Fee
Our fee for these six separate items is just $???? Our fee includes the delivery, set up, use, and take down of everything listed. It also includes one of our staff members to be onsite during your event. 
Below are photos and a listing of additional items that you
are welcome to add to you order with us.
Simply click the check boxes to add items shown below to your order.
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Walkway Lighting-2.jpg
Bar Area Lighting-1.jpg
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